Monday, December 17, 2007

Channeling Ogden Nash at Christmas

This radio host was moved to share Christmas Hash on his blog.

Christmas Hash

By Ogden Nash

My fingers ache from lugging parcels, I limp on battered matatarsals,
My tongue is dry from licking stamps, I’m lost in Christmas lights and amps,
I’m in that yearly Yuletide mess,
And so are you, I shrewdly guess...

Read the rest here


Anonymous said...

Too bad the links to the rest of the poem take you to a blank page;
Would have like to read the rest of this poem.

John said...

'Tis a shame - I would have liked to see it as well! One observation: Either the original poster had the title wrong or Nash published two versions. I just posted the version of Christmas Hash that appeared in 'The Best of Ogden Nash' which was published posthumously.

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