Monday, December 17, 2007

Ogden Nash loved Christmas

He'd be happy to learn that so many towns are including him in their celebrations:

The Chequamegon Symphony will perform a children's concert at Northland College interspersed with his poems. Read more here about this Harvard, WI event.

And that he will also be reprised at the Garfield Sr. High Christmas show in Woodbridge, VA.

Not to mention the Santa Clarita, CA Symphony's production of 'Animals Alive!' where once again, Ogden Nash verse will be the poetic interlude between each act.

What is behind the national trend of Nash at Christmas? Here is one potential explanation in this story about Nash being interwoven in an Illinois production of the 'Carnival of the Animals':

The "Carnival of the Animals," composed by Camille Saint Saens, is a single work, broken down into 14 smaller segments. Each segment was combined with amusing poetry by Ogden Nash and read by Mark Lebovitz of Media Relations.

"I sometimes go to dance concerts, and occasionally I don't exactly know what might be going on, but the fact that there's the music, which suggests certain animals, and then the poetry, which gives the audience an idea," Lebovitz, said. "It creates one big, enjoyable, understandable package."

Each segment is named after animals (or animalistic concepts), the music reminiscent of animal calls or their environments. The poems set a suitably lighthearted mood and keep the energy up from piece to piece.

In Creighton, OR, 200 year old 'Carnival' is also being presented with Nash.

Creighton is preparing the CYS for its 25th Anniversary Concert, to be held at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 16, on the stage at the LaSells Stewart Center. As part of the concert, Mayor Charlie Tomlinson will be reading poetry written by Frederic Ogden Nash in the 1940s to accompany Camille Saint-Saens’ “Carnival of the Animals,” written roughly 160 years before.

More detail here

ON's verse was also reprised at a Palm City, FL children's Christmas Show

And in Boulder, CO, High School show

And in Hertfordshire, England they believe 'The Boy who Laughed at Santa Claus' is apropos

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