Monday, June 30, 2008

Ogden Nash Summer Estate Tour

THIS Tuesday evening July 1st, the North Hampton, NH public library will be sponsoring two very special events. From 5 -6:30 pm tours of the former summer home of Ogden Nash will be given to the public. The new owners of the home in Little Boar's Head, NH have graciously opened the doors for a rare peak at this historic site.

Following the tour the Pontine Theater will host Home is Heaven, a work by Marguerite Mathews and Greg Mathers featuring Ogden Nash poems about family and summers by the sea.

Contact the North Hampton Library for more information @ 603.964.6326


Anonymous said...

Hi, John:

I am so grateful to have found your blog. Thanks you for keeping a torch lit for my all-time favorite poet.

I recently purchased this shirt, on which is printed an excerpt from one of my late father's favorite Nash poems. Thought your readers might get a kick out of it:


Lisa R., Buckingham, PA

P.S. - In the latest issue of "Light Quarterly," published by John Mella, a reader submitted a letter wondering if today's political/economic climate (which in many ways mirrors that of Nash's) might engender a resurgent appreciation for light verse and its creators. One can only hope!

John said...


Right on! As you are aware, it was a political poem in the New Yorker, where Nash lampooned a backwards thinking senator, that caused the first outpouring of support for his work from a wide audience. Sol perhaps light verse can help save the political universe. Thanks very much for sharing the news about 'Light' as a resource. I'm glad you enjoy reading the latest on Ogden N. Feel free to share again!

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