Thursday, February 7, 2008

Unpublished Ogden Nash Poem

Detailed below is a moving autobiographical poem Nash wrote towards the end of his life. I think it's beautiful yet grave, celestial yet down to earth, acquiescent yet inspiring, Shakespearian yet Nashesquian and passionately appreciate of life yet begrudgingly accepting of death. Obviously, Nash was a brilliant essential observer of the human condition . In this poem he clearly understands the characters and stage of his own body as well.


Enter, breath;
Breath, slip out;
Blood, be channeled,
And wind about.
O, blessed breath and blood which strive
To keep this body of mine alive!
O gallant breath and blood
Which choose
To wage the battle
They must lose.

~ Ogden Nash

This poem was sent to the publisher of by Nash's granddaughter Frances Rider Smith


Anonymous said...

Hi, I blogged this poem today and wanted to let you know. I was searching for a good Ogden Nash poem to go with my photo of his headstone and I found you. Hope you don't mind. P.S. What a neat blog!

John said...

Hi Amy, I'm so glad you stopped by and found the poem. Atlantic Ave.'s themes and images are beautiful. I've enjoyed several visits to your site...

Anonymous said...

As you may know, Ogden Nash summered on the real Atlantic Ave. in my home town of North Hampton, NH. I walk by his house once in a while. He's pretty much our only distinguished historic figure.

John said...

I'll let you in on a dream of mine - to establish an Ogden Nash foundation and historic site! Seems like New York, Baltimore, Newport, RI ( where he taught and attended school) or North Hampton would be logical locale's. Nash's legacy certainly lives on through his words - in books and on the web. But I think a physical place dedicated to his legacy would be a good thing for everyone - including his family, admirers and those who have yet to discover him!

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