Friday, February 1, 2008

This Week's Joy of Nash

In this day and age of mega-hyper- digital entertainment its always refreshing to learn of people across the blogosphere who are very satisfied to simply spend some quality time with Ogden Nash's works. 'She' from Delhi, India relished her Nash time here

And Nash's 'Winter Morning' was environmentally apropos as a caption for this photographer
as well as on this Jackson Hole, WY PBS TV broadcast where it was read by Lena Horn.


She said...

Thank you so much for noting my post. I quite like "Blogden Nash" and laud your cause. I agree with you entirely when you say that the world needs Nash's poetry.

John said...

You are welcome! Thanks for your comment. Keep me posted as to your other Nash experiences. The positive impact of Nash's poems on people around the world, such as yourself, really is the best testament to his work's virtue.

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