Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ogden Nash Anecdotes and Unpublished Poems

Do you have an Ogden Nash anecdote or unpublished Nash verse? The North Hampton Public Library is collecting stories about the versifier and his private poems for an upcoming exhibit. Susan Grant, the library's director, would welcome hearing what you have to share. Please call her at 603-964-6326 or send an e-mail.

Here are two recently submitted unpublished poems that Nash wrote for a Little Boars Head couple's anniversary and first grandchild:

Vernacular Lines For a Spectacular Occasion: A Belated Anniversicle

Let’s rise to toast divine Rebecca,
Matt’s own Episcopalian Mecca.
Small wonder, since at college, I’ll wager
She was a Matthewmatics major.
From top to toe, from lip to leg,
The Rector’s coddled like an egg;
Indeed at many a schoolboy session
He’s known as Mrs. Warren’s Profession.
This eulogy’s for his loving bride;
He gets to go just for the ride.

Many happy Matt’s Becky!
June 12, 1965


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