Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Brother, Can You Spare a Laugh?

Is the question asked on Vanity Fair's April cover about new comedians. Lets hope the new crew can stave off barrel living during this downturn.

They might take heart in knowing that Ogden Nash's rapid career ascent occurred during the Great Depression. Nash's book "Hard Lines" was embraced by a nation in search of smiles during the 30's.

Similarly, in the 1940's overseas G.I.'s were laughing in their foxholes at specially printed collections of Nash's poems. These paperbacks were published by the War Department and shipped along with their canned rations.

Perhaps the Great Recession is the right time for an Ogden Nash renaissance.

The battered housing market is not keeping a real estate developer from tearing down one of Ogden Nash's favorite hangouts. New Hampshire's Portsmouth Herald reports that Rye Harbor Realty is proposing to tear down Saunders restaurant, a frequent summer dining venue of Ogden Nash, and replace it with eight condos.

The local board of adjustment has scheduled the vote for April 8th. The restaurant is expected to remain open for one more summer even if the developer prevails.

Saunders was founded in 1920 by a local fisherman and grew from fish market to lunch counter to a popular full service restaurant.


patartist said...

I just posted this to twitter:
"My newest subscription: Blogden Nash...because I need my daily laugh http://blog.ogdennash.org/ Thanks, John Brady!"

twitter has 2 john brady listings, neither one is you. Have you thought about joining it?

patartist said...



John said...

Pat - Thank you so much for your kind words and sharing the link with your friends. Ogden Nash makes me smile too. I'll think more about twittering...

VJESCI said...

.make it out to twitter yet?

.this may cause you a squeal:


John said...

@ V: I have an ID and followers but no twits yet! Love UBU's Nash collection - I wonder if his accent was as unique then as it would be now...

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