Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Second Best Writer in the English Language

Next to Shakespeare Ogden Nash is the best english writer according to two players at . Nash undoubtedly played a few rounds of Scrabble in his career and I'm sure would be proud of this accolade from his peers.


Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog today. What a wonderful labor of love! I discovered Ogden Nash when I was a little older than you (I was in my mid-teens), but he's always been a favorite of mine. With his middle class insights into all of our foibles, Nash speaks directly to me like no other author or poet. Just about every day something happens to me where it reminds me of an Ogden Nash poem. :)

John said...

Hi Miriam - I think you have hit on what is so unique about Nash - his ability to speak directly to all generations! Your daily dividend of Nash undoubtedly stems from you being passionately well read about O.N. Thanks for your post!

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