Saturday, March 15, 2008

Frederick O. Nash

Nash's middle name could have just as easily been Oasis as Ogden. Nash as a touchstone to many seeking to restore a balance to their lives.

This week David from Palo Alto, who is immersed in the complexity of the Silicon Valley, cites his fondness for the simple charms of 'The Termite' and 'The Rabbits'

Vimba, a twenty-something from Zimbabwe, when pausing for reflection, can really relate to "My Dream"

However, Behold the Stars, cites Nash as an example of boring class lecture content. I wish that I had a class that taught Nash. Seriously - it got me wondering how many colleges and high schools had Ogden Nash in their curriculum? a quick google search shows that F.O.N. is frequently linked to and referenced from elementary, high school and post-secondary web pages as supplemental reading - but precious few inclusions in the class room curriculum. The 7th graders in beautiful Berkshire mountain town, Pittsfield,Ma and the 9th graders at Valhalla high school are among the lucky few.

The arbiters of highfalutin verse at the Mackinac center, characterize Ogden Nash's work as low art, relative to the high art of T.S. Elliot. Well...different yes, but both are complex, talented and strike powerful chords within their respective audiences.


Sally said...

Hi, I am looking for what I remember to be an Ogden Nash poem to his wife about how much he loved her but the last word of the poem is "fear". I think it comes from an autobiography but I can't seem to find reference to it anywhere. Can you help me?

Thanks for your blog. Its a nice tribute to a great man.

Sally (

John said...

Hi Sally,

I'm not familiar with it, but am most intrigued. Perhaps there is someone at the Univ of Texas, Nash collections who can help? I'm sure there is a curator in charge who would know if such a verse exists. Good luck and pls drop me a line and let me know how it works out. BEST,


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